Wedding Album


When it's all coming together it can get a little overwhelming, so here are some tips for on the day, and while you plan ...


Create a hashtag for people to use on your wedding images on social media - search hashtags first to make sure the one you choose is unique. Then, either pop the hashtag onto your invites to let people know or have signs up on the day

Use song request cards in your invites - giving guests the chance to request a song will mean they’ll be itching for it to be played so they can get up onto the dance floor. Plus, if you mainly play requested music, the dance floor will always be filled with dancers

Clean you engagement ring before your big day - if you’re popping it back on it’ll be in a lot of your photos, so make sure it’s nice and shiny to go along with your wedding ring

People always remember food; make it good - choose dishes which you love and those people can eat with ease too

Get a new perfume - that way when you wear it again, you’ll be taken back to the day and all those special memories

Don’t please everyone; 1, it’s impossible and 2, it’s your day, do what you want - you’ll never be able to make everyone happy, but as long as you guys are, it doesn’t matter

If you’ve got a strapless dress avoid normal bras and strap tops the morning of the big day to limit marks - you don’t want red marks or indentations in your wedding photos so limit this and wear loose fitting clothing before you pop the dress on

Head off for ‘a moment’ with your new spouse on the day - it can be such a busy and overwhelming day on your wedding day. Getting around everyone, making sure to say hello to all friends and family, you can get a bit lost from your other half. Just take 10 minutes to step back together and enjoy the moment