What should I do if my wedding is facing cancellation because of the coronavirus (Covid-19)?

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

With the government now putting a ban of gatherings and limiting meetings of anything over 2 people, many brides and grooms are worried (and rightly so) about their big day. So what can you control if your wedding is under threat due to Covid-19? And what could you do if it's cancelled?

Updated 26.03 PM

1) Many of your friends and family members will also be prepped for you big day, with accommodation and travel planned. All of these things can be moved to another date. So don’t fret. Many businesses are offering looser cancellation ts&cs due to the outbreak meaning people should be able to move bookings on hotels etc

2) Don’t worry about everything you’ve purchased with your suppliers. They will want to continue your relationship and will still want to provide for your rescheduled date. Many suppliers and venues are offering new dates to those already booked BEFORE taking on any news bookings meaning you should get a pretty decent choice of dates

3) If you have wedding insurance (which you should) a lot of the things you will come up against with changes and cancellations will be covered. Obviously every insurance is different so check your policy to see where you stand. And if you can’t get hold of the company first time, try again. At this time they are probably being inundated with calls and emails from people in the same boat as you

4) People love a party! If you’ve had to change the date of your big celebration people will still make time to come. Your friends and family will be just as devastated for you and will still want to be at the big day on the new date

5) If you had your heart set on getting married ASAP when the government allows, why not get married in a small intimate ceremony so you're actually married and have the legalities sorted? Then you can commemorate it with a mini "un-legal" ceremony on your new wedding date. You could get a friend or family member to do the duties here as they won’t have to have any proper experience or anything as they’ll just be doing a mock up ceremony, not a legally binding wedding ceremony. Here you can have fun with it and make it really personal

6) If your wedding date has been moved, see it as a positive that you’ve now got more time to plan your celebration, and possibly more time to save. So, if there was a few things which you weren’t having at your wedding due to time or money constraints, maybe now with the added time, you can look at including these and make light of the situation?

7) Love is Love. However you end up tying the knot, the love is what counts, and no virus, pandemic, isolation or distancing can remove the feeling of love

Stay Safe