Wedding Trends We Might Be Saying Goodbye To In 2020

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

Here at the write wedding we’ve been doing some research into what wedding trends are on the ditch list for 2020.

We know wedding trends come and go year after year; some stick around for what feels like ever, and are well cemented in our minds when it comes to thinking about a wedding day, and some last a season and then are gone for good.

We’ve been on the hunt for 10 wedding trends which 2020 may be saying goodbye too, but will you miss these loved trends as we look towards weddings of the future?

At number 1 is the Flower Wall -

A great backdrop for the professional photos and Photo Booth or even the top table. Would you be happy to say goodbye?

2. The Sweet Buffet -

Everyone loves sweets but has the pick ’n’ mix trend finally decided to leave us? Personally we hope not as we love it!

3. Gypsophila/ Baby’s Breath -

These flowers are easy to style, relatively cheap and they look nice. We don’t want these to go! Do you?

4. Fireworks/Sparklers/Sky Lanterns -

With environmental issues high on everyone’s list, should we forget lighting up the night sky to celebrate our big events. We can definitely see why it’s been high lighted as a trend to leave us in 2020, but what do you think?

5. Staged Photos -

Stand in a row mum and dad, come on auntie Jane and all the bridesmaids stand in a line; will this soon be a thing of the past as we are now favouring the candid natural shots?

6. Shabby Chic Theme/Hessian/Lace/Jam Jars -

Oh the ‘rustic’ wedding theme. Got to be honest, I personally tried and tested this in 2016 and LOVED it. Has it been overdone now we’ve reached 2020? Possibly; but if you’re looking for a great DIY wedding to save you some pennies it’s beautiful. We definitely don’t want to see the back of it (photo is of my actual wedding - haha)

7. Pastels -

Pastel colours for the big day have been present for a while, but if that’s your theme and you love it then go with it. They look beautiful and are subtle too

8. ALL the speeches -

Speeches can go on and on (and on, and on) but wouldn’t you miss it if everyone didn’t get to tell their stories? This one’s a toughie, but definitely down to personal preference we think

9. Wedding Favours -

We can’t say we’re surprised at this one. Often actual wedding favour gifts are left on the table at the end of the night and left behind; so cutting these out might be an expense saved for the happy couple

And our last one at number 10 is Matching Bridesmaid Dresses -

Throughout 2019 we definitely saw more co-ordinating dresses than matching ones. Gone are the days of each bridesmaid wearing the same colour and style (whether it suited them or not) and co-ordinating dresses look just as amazing (if not more so) so we like this idea

But as we ALWAYS say, every wedding is unique and personal to the couple getting wed, so if you like something HAVE IT! Trends or no trends, in fashion or unfashionable; as long as you guys are happy who cares right?

Look at me, 2016 wedding and loved the rustic theme, gypsophila, matching bridesmaid dresses, speeches, staged photos, favours, sparklers and a sweet buffet! Wouldn't change a thing either. It's what you want and what you make it, trendy or not