Wedding Invite Help

How you start the invite / Who's hosting & the couple

If you’re going for a traditional invite you will probably want to include the name of your parents on the welcoming section of your invitation.

You can use phrases such as...

“Together with their parents, Christine and Anthony request the pleasure of your company” - if wanting to reference both sets of parents but not by name

“Graham & Julie Ashworth request the pleasure of your company at the marriage of their daughter Christine Ashworth to Anthony Horton” - if you want to name check one set of parents

“Graham & Julie Ashworth and Peter & Grace Horton request the pleasure of your company at the marriage of their children Christine Ashworth and Anthony Horton” - if wanting to name check both sets of parents

“Mr G Ashworth & the late Mrs J Ashworth" - if a parent is deceased

“Graham & Sophie Ashworth and Julie & Dennis Croft along with Peter & Sarah Horton and Grace & Alan Smith request the pleasure of your company at the marriage of their children Christine Ashworth and Anthony Horton” - can be used if including step-parents/parents’ new spouse

But if you want to JUST include you guys, go for it with something like…

“Christine & Anthony would love you to join them to celebrate their wedding”

“Samuel & Daniel are tying the knot, and you’re invited!”

"Alice & Hayley are getting wed - and they want you there!"

The date and time

Definitely one of the MAJOR points you need to include! You can set it out in anyway you see fit, whether in a diagram, all in words or using a time and date stamp format…

“Saturday 21st September 2019 at 1pm”

“Saturday Twenty-First September at One”

“1pm on 21st Sept 2019”

The location

Another MAJOR point, as you need to know where you’re going. Again you can fit this into your invite in whatever wording you like. Some examples are…

“At The Grange Barn, Frampton”

“Join us in Frampton at the gorgeous Grange Barn”

Reception information

You can give as much or as little information about the reception as you like, as if they’re having a day invite, they’ll know about it from the other information (e.g. time/venues). You can include lines such as …

“The ceremony will be followed by dinner and dancing”

“Dinner and dancing to follow”

“You are invited to join us to celebrate throughout the day, with dinner and dancing until 11pm”

Dress code

Most people will know exactly what’s appropriate to wear to your wedding, but if you feel the need to, or want to stipulate any kind of theme wear, include it. Even things like, “The whole day is on grass, wear field appropriate shoes”.

Separate RSVP card

Pop in an RSVP card either with a self-addressed envelope, or a message telling them to email/phone/text to let you know if they are going to be joining you.

Some other elements you may want to include in your invite are…

* Song request

* Note about gifts - often done in a poem

* Map to venues/directions or nearby transport links

* Accommodation - if your venue also has rooms for the night, ask if they want to stay over and get them to confirm with you. You can then sort out their booking with them as most venues will offer a discounted rate for guests

* Whether children are invited to your day - you can include this if you’re choosing to address each of the people included on your invite also

* Plus ones - make it clear if you're NOT inviting them

If making separate evening invites, just make it clear when writing the time and description that it's evening only.