Wedding Dress Shopping Tips

Finding THE dress is many future bride’s dream. You might’ve been thinking about this dress since childhood and know exactly what you invisage yourself in on the big day, or you might have no idea and feel so overwhelmed by the amount of styles, colours and choice.
So, thewritewedding is here to help with 12 Tips on how to shop for your wedding dress and some all important Dos and Don’ts

1. Do research to find out what you like

With so many different cuts, colours, styles, embellishments, fabrics, lengths and fits - shopping for your wedding dress can be a minefield but if you go in armed with an idea of what you like and what you don’t like, the process of narrowing dresses down can be a lot easier. So take to Pinterest, wedding magazine, wedding website and just create a picture of exactly what you THINK you want. (And yes we mean think, you’ll see why in our next tip).

2. DO be open to other styles

Like all other clothes shopping, you might take a dress into the changing room thinking it’s going to make you look and feel amazing, only to put it on and be utterly disappointed. What you have in your mind isn’t necessarily what you suit so make sure to try loads of different style, even if you don’t think you do like them, as more often than not brides actually end up with a dress which was nothing like they imagined!

3. Do wear what fits

Bridal sizes can come up much smaller than your usual high street sizes so don’t shop thinking you need to wear your usual size. Wear what actually fits, as a well fitted dress will flatter you much more than one which you’re squeezing into because of the size in the label.

4. Do give yourself time

When you’ve got a date in mind, start thinking of the dress. If you’re not going “off the rack” a wedding dress can take 6 to 8 months to be ready, so put this into your wedding timeline and decide when’s best to start shopping. Once you’ve got a plan, book an appointment and enjoy it. Don’t feel rushed into anything and take your time trying everything on. You don’t need to decide on a dress during your first shopping trip and can always go back to try on dresses again if they play on your mind.

5. Do know your budget

Weddings can be expensive and the dress can be a very large part of that. So work out your budget and stick to it. Don’t forget to factor in alterations and other accessories to complete your look.

6. Do know your entourage

It’s good to take a few people with you when shopping so they can give you their honest opinions on dresses you try on but don’t get bogged down by trying to take and please every one. Take just a few of your closest wedding party people, the ones who you trust the most to tell you the truth, and who will also respect your opinions.

7. Do wear your wedding underwear

If you have it already, wear your wedding underwear to your shopping appointments, this way you’ll know what works with the lingerie underneath. Don’t think that what you wear during the day needs to be what you wear in the bedroom though - there’s always time for a quick change. During the wedding day itself you need to be comfortable. It will be a long day and you definitely don’t want to feel restricted or uncomfortable.

8. Do consider your wedding date/venue/location/theme

Think about the weather during your chosen season, the flooring in your venue, your location and your theme. All of these can help to make your decision on a wedding dress easier.

9. Don’t be pressured

Shopping for a wedding dress is a very exciting experience, and for most, is living a childhood dream, so don’t feel pressured into buying anything you’re not sure about. You always have the right to walk away.

10. Do be prepared with similar hair and makeup

You don’t want to be in full wedding glam mode when you turn up to your shopping appointment but it’s a good idea to wear your hair and makeup in a similar style. If you’re wanting your hair up for your big day, wear it up when shopping, this what you’ll see what the dresses will look like with your hair away from your face and neck. Whereas if you’re wanting your hair down, wear it down when trying dresses on, this way you can see if it’s going to get caught in any lace, zips or buttons, or will cover any intricate details on the dress which you’re paying extra for.

11. Don’t be afraid to personalise

Everything can be altered, so if you like a dress but know you could love it if you make a tweak, ask the seamstress at your wedding dress appointment. They want you to feel as beautiful as possible and will do anything they can to make sure you feel that way on your big day.

12. Do shop local

Staying local when shopping for your dress can be very handy. You’ll be able to pop in for fittings and alterations easier and they’ll always be near by if you have any questions. Most bridal boutiques are happy for you to take in shoes and other accessories during the process so you can compare things with your dress as time goes on - and if they’re only down the road or in your town, it’ll be much easier.