The 'Unplugged Wedding'

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

Unplugged weddings are becoming increasingly popular. It gives you and your guests the chance to really live in the moment and take in all the elements of the special day.

Having an unplugged wedding can get rid of that feeling of walking down the aisle to a sea of phones and iPads instead of smiling and happy faces.

You want to make the decision of an unplugged wedding work for you and your day. Whether unplugged means no phones, no photos or no social media, make sure your guests and your wedding party know your rules.

For our wedding, we told our guests that we were happy for them to take photos but not to post them on social media until we had posted a photo of us on our wedding day. We wanted our evening guests to see us in the flesh before seeing images of us online. So this is the kind of “unplugged” route we went down.

If you’ve hired a professional photographer, let them know of your decisions as they can then consciously get as many shots as they can, knowing that others aren’t taking any snaps. You’ll also get great photos of your guests and wedding party too, as they won’t be behind a screen or camera - you’ll actually be able to see the looks on their faces.

Let your registrar or vicar know too, as this way they can give your photographer extra room and opportunities to get the best shots. They can also announce your unplugged wedding wishes for you at the start of the proceedings.

Other alternatives of letting people know about your choice of day, is to include it in your invitations so that people know before they arrive, or to pop a request in your order or service. You can even create quirky signs outside your venue or ceremony room to keep everyone in the loop.