Making Your Wedding Child Friendly

Little ones can be a BIG part of your day, from fabulously fun family photos to child’s entertainment, if you’re having kids at your wedding you’ll want to make sure they’re catered for too. Keeping them entertained is a must, as let’s be honest, the lovey dovey stuff can be a little bit boring if you’re not an adult, so here are some ideas of how you can make your wedding child friendly for the kids in your life.

Fancy Dress

Kids love dressing up, so why not give them a chance to be a different character at every moment of your day by having a fancy dress box. They can dress up when they are bored and change into a different costume whenever they fancy - keeping them entertained all day.

Activity Sheets Whether these are little notebooks for drawing and colouring, wordsearches, sticker books or designing their own cards for the married couple – most younger children love paper and crayons. It’s a cheap and easy way of keeping them occupied at the table during the speeches too.

Disposable Cameras These are a great way of sending kids off to take their own pictures of the day – and trust me, you will get some hilarious shots and see the day from a very different perspective! You can let them do their own thing or create a Photo Treasure Hunt where you give the children a list of things to take photos of. Either way you’ll get some great pictures. You can also cheekily get their parents to develop the photos for you – a tiny cost save for you, and they’re sure to let you see all the photos.

Entertainment Stations Have small areas of your wedding venue/garden etc for little tables of fun for children. You could have a Cupcake Decoration Station, a Colouring Station, a Bubble Station where they can have fun with their own bubble wands, a Movie Station, a Balloon Station, and of course a Games Area, whether fun board games/giant games or video games.

Interactive Block Centrepieces Let the kids get creative at the table and use small building blocks or Lego in decorative bowls as your centrepieces. They can get creative building their own piece for the table, and you could even reward the table with the most creative piece a prize. Adults and big kids are sure to love this too. Kid’s Favours If you’re doing wedding favours, have specific ones for the children that have come to celebrate your day. They don’t have to be expensive but can be a lovely token of your day for years to come, especially if it’s a keepsake like a small teddy or toy.

Finger Food & Accessible Snacks We all know that kids love to eat, and snack are generally a big part of a child’s day. Now, weddings can feel long and there isn’t always much time for food or drink, apart from the designated times, so why not give the parent of each child a little snack pack so they can keep their little ones’ tummies happy all day long?

Photo Booth Another wedding classic, the Photo Booth. Again, loved by adults and kids alike this will keep the young ones entertained. Filled with fun props and the chance to dress up, it’s a great way of keeping them busy and getting some great photos in the process.

Pick’n’Mix Sweets This is a big kid’s favourite too, and it’s a trend that I don’t want to see disappearing. For any sweet tooth a pick’n’mix bar at a wedding is a winner. Just keep an eye on how much sugar they eat or you might have some little terrors on your dancefloor! Animal Guests And finally, if you’re feeling daring, why not have some animal guests at your wedding too? There are so many companies now which will do a small petting zoo, llama or alpaca visits, a couple of ponies – you name it, you can probably have it at your wedding if your venue allows. And if animals are your thing, it’s a great way of entreating the little ones… and big kids too!