Entertaining Children

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

If you're inviting children to your big day, here are 10 ways in which you can help keep them entertained throughout the day.


Indoor or outdoor games are a great way to keep little kids (and big ones) entertained. Think giant Jenga, Connect4, Twister, Hula Hoops or even skipping ropes. You could even set up a games console and let the play that. Check out our article on Gaming At A Wedding for the Nintendo Wii set up we used for our wedding day.

Get them involved

Giving them a little task will help to keep them occupied, even if only for a few minutes. Why not ask them to hand out your confetti cones, or go round letting people know it’s time to sit for the meal. They’ll love running around chatting to everyone and being the boss

Kids’ Party Area

If you’ve got the space, or maybe your wedding is outdoors, have an area specifically for the kids to party. Pop on some children’s music, give them some things to play with within that area, set up a craft table and let them party their way

Photo Booth

Many children will love getting involved in a photo booth so get them so child friendly props and let them pose to their hearts’ content

Hire some entertainment

Whether it’s a bouncy castle which everyone can enjoy or a magician specifically for children. Hiring someone or something to entertain the children can really be beneficial

Sweet Stand/Tasty Treats

Who doesn’t love sweeties? If you’re having a sweet card, have specific sweets and bags available for the little ones. They’ll love choosing their own treats

Snap Happy

Give each of the older children a disposable camera so they can capture the day their way. You’ll see lots of different angles of your wedding day with this too!

Give them fun food

As adults, a wedding menu might mean the chance to enjoy something a bit fancier than your day to day meal, but kids love their own food. Give the children their own specific meal which they’ll enjoy eating as it’ll keep them at the table while they tuck in

Invite other children

Giving the little ones other children to play with can be great if you’ve got the space to let them do their own thing while keeping an eye

Activity Packs

Give them something to do while the adults are “being boring”. Give each child a pack including crayons, drawing paper, stickers and some small toys to keep them occupied