Being Green & Creating A More Eco Friendly Wedding Day

Being green is often a top priority on many couples' lists when it comes to organising and planning the big day, but being more eco friendly doesn't mean things have to cost more or be awkward to arrange.

Just take a look at our 8 top tips on easy ways you can add an element of 'green' to your wedding celebrations.

Eco Invites

When shopping around for wedding invites, you can now get loads which are eco friendly. From seed paper which you can plant to grow amazing blooms to those made on recycled paper, there is a variety of different ways to go. Making your own is also more eco friendly than buying and shipping

Charity Favours

Don’t let your favours be left on a table, dotted around your venue or a waste of your money. If you’re looking at doing a wedding favour for each guest, why not look at a charity donation? This way it’s not creating any wastage but is helping a good cause

Eco Venues

With so many wedding venues available, if you’re looking to be eco friendly, choose a ceremony and reception site that takes sustainability seriously. Visit and you can search for venues with Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design certifications along with Energy Star ratings. This will help you to make a decision on a venue without sacrificing style in order to be sustainable

Outside Ceremony & Celebrations

Tying the knot outside without the need for fancy throw away decor or electric is a good move for being green

Second Hand Goods

You don’t have to buy new to create the perfect wedding day. There are so many amazing second hand goods available across the internet from the likes of eBay, Facebook, GumTree etc, all offering amazing wedding bits including decor, clothing, shoes, supplies, and everything in between

Reduce Food Waste

If you’re looking to reduce food waste, try to only cater for the amount of people you have coming and create take home goodie bags for all food which doesn’t get eaten. This way, anything left over won’t be left to go in the bin

Rent Don’t Buy

Just like with buying second hand, you can also rent items for the big day. Whether it’s decor pieces and chair covers or dresses and suits, renting will help you create a greener day

Biodegradable Confetti

If you’re doing the traditional confetti walk make sure to get biodegradable confetti or use real petals