A Wedding Glossary

Some key words you might hear while planning your big day, and what they mean...

Best Man -Usually the groom’s best friend or brother, the best man has a big part on the wedding day. They’ll be in charge of keeping the rings safe until it's time for the vows, when he hands over the rings, he’ll need to announce the speeches at the reception, as well as do one of his own and probably the biggest one- making sure the groom gets to the wedding on time

Bridal Bouquet -The bunch of flowers which the bride carries down the aisle on the wedding day

Bridal Procession - when the bride and those accompanying her, start their walk down the aisle at the beginning of the wedding ceremony 

Bridesmaids - These are the bride’s favourite ladies - whether it’s sisters, family members of the closest friends. They’ll support the bride throughout the wedding preparations and on the day and traditionally organise the Hen Party. 

Bustle: If the wedding dress has a long train which drags across the floor, the bustle is a fastening which will lift the train off the ground. They’re usually made from hidden buttons, hooks and/or strings which are sewn into the dress on the inside.

Button hole -A single flower, or small array of flowers, pinned to the lapels of the male members of the wedding party

Calligraphy - Posh, ornate writing which lots of people choose to use on their wedding invitations and stationary 

Cathedral Veil -The longest of veils. Usually measured in yards, it comes to 3.5 yards in length 

Chapel Veil - This veil will reach the floor, extending 2.5 yards from the headpiece it’s attached to

Corsage - This is a single flower or a small array of flowers which are attached to some lace or a bracelet worn by the women of the bridal party who are not bridesmaids. Usually the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom. These can be attached on the clothing like a button-hole or worn like jewellery on the wrist

Cummerbund - This item of clothing is a large sash worn around a man's waist on top of his shirt but under the jacket. They can be colour coordinated to match in with the wedding theme/colours

Double Tier Veil -A two layered veil, usually seen with one layer longer than the other

Elbow Veil -The veil length which reaches down to the bride's elbows

Father of the Bride - Self explanatory, but the father of the bride. His duty is to escort his daughter down the aisle towards her spouse to be 

Favours - Small inexpensive gifts that can be given to all wedding guests as a thank you for celebrating the big day. They can also make great keepsakes and souvenirs

Fiancé - What the soon to be groom/husband-to-be is called during the engagement

Fiancée - What the soon to be bride/wife-to-be is called during the engagement 

Finger Tip Veil - A veil which extends to the length of the bride's fingertips

Flower Girls or Flower Children - Small children (usually girls) that walk down the aisle ahead of the rest of the bridal party to mark the start of the ceremony. They usually carry a small bouquet or flower basket and often scatter petals

Flyaway Veil - A very short veil, barely reaching the shoulders, with many layers

Fountain Veil -A veil where the fabric is gathered up on top of the bride's head with the remainder let loose to fall around her face. They often come in shoulder or elbow length

Maid Of Honour - The last of the bridesmaids to walk down the aisle before the bride. She’s generally one of the closest females to the bride and will be head of the bridesmaids and the main organiser of the Hen Party. 

Man Of Honour -The male version of the Maid of Honour. Some people prefer to have a well loved man by their side

Matron Of Honour -This is the official title given to a head bridesmaid if they are married

Officiant -The person who carries out the ceremony for non religious weddings

Page Boys - Young boys who follow the bride down the aisle carrying some of her train

Pomander - A round ball covered in flowers usually carried by flower girls

Posies - Small round bouquets held together by a twine or wire. Like a bouquet but a lot smaller

Shower - A type of bouquet made of long stemmed flowers that cascades downwards

Throwing the Bouquet - Many brides choose to throw their wedding bouquet into a crowd of their guests and it is said that the next female to catch it will be the next to get married

Tiers -  When talking weddings, tiers mean cake. They’re the numerous layers which make up the masterpiece

Train - A long extension of the wedding dress which trails along the floor behind the bride

Vows -These are the exchange of words between the people getting married to  promise each other a life of loyalty, love, trust and support. There are many different ways to word the vows, with some being religious, some written by the couple and some chosen from a variety of options

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