A Socially-Distanced Wedding

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

Let's be honest, back at the end of 2019 none of us thought that 2020 would be turning out like this! While we can't change anything that is going on right now, we CAN adapt to this very different world.

So, if you're due to have your wedding soon and have had the go ahead that it can still happen BUT you're having to make it a socially-distanced affair and Covid secure, here are a few pointers which will hopefully make the shift to this new normal a little bit easier.

1. Chat to your wedding venue and suppliers

First up, contact those you're getting a service from. Whether it's your local church or mosque, hotel, unique wedding only venue, your florist, celebrant or cake maker. As businesses they will most likely (hopefully) have a bit more info on what they can and can't do right now and how they can perform their usual tasks in a safe and secure way at this time. By getting the ball rolling here, you'll get an idea on venue numbers and how your day can pan out, meaning you can still make the most of your big day while being safe

2. Can you switch things up?

If you were having an indoor ceremony is there a way of making this outside, or getting more of the great outdoors involved in your day. Wedding guest numbers will need to stay within the guidelines still but being outside will give you more room to move things around and give everyone a little more space

3. Reducing your guest list to accommodate the new rules

No-one wants to turn around to someone they invited and say "Sorry, you've been cut", but if you invited them originally then you must have a great bond so they should understand. They will most likely feel for you with what you're going through. If you're needing to slim your guest list down, start by putting out a word of warning to all your guests, that way everyone knows you're in this situation and can be a little prepared for if they get a call. Then, go through your list and put people into categories such as Immediate Family, Extended Family, Best/Close Friends, Friends, Plus Ones and Work Friends/Other, then go from there. You could also look through your list and see if you've currently got anyone who's classed as vulnerable - those in this category may feel safer not attending and watching via live stream or just seeing videos and photos after the day, and could make the decisions a little easier for you. When you've made these difficult decisions you'll have to let people know. Do this in a way you feel comfortable. Video call, phone, text or a socially distance door knock. The people who you invited love you and will understand. And if they don't - don't let it ruin your day! You can always have a big celebration with everyone when things are back to normal - and it'll be another chance to get dressed up!

4. Don't stress over things you can't control

This isn't ideal - of course it's not. It's not the wedding you've both been dreaming of BUT at the end of the day you will still be married and you'll be together. This year has probably tested your relationship in ways that you never imagined, and you're still so in love with eachother and getting married; that's something to celebrate.

Best of luck and have the best ever day xxx