15 Tips On Switching Your Wedding From Spring Summer To Autumn Winter

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

With many brides and grooms having to swap their spring summer wedding days to autumn winter, here are 15 top tips on how you can easily switch up parts of your day to match your new wedding season.

Get a new perspective - getting married in autumn and winter will mean more of your wedding day will be in darkness. So take a look at your wedding venue at night and see if there’s anything you can do with cute lighting, fairy lights and other decor to bring alive the darker spaces

Scout social media - search your venue’s social media channels and look at photos of the venue in the month you’re now getting married and see what decor they have up. They might be swapping out spring trees for pumpkins or even a Christmas tree, depending when your new date is, so see what they have out and ask if their plans are similar for this year’s decor. You can then utilise what they put up for your wedding decorations too

Think about the weather - in the UK we always have to think about the chance of rain, whatever the season, but in the autumn winter rain will most likely be on the cards. Accessorise with big umbrellas and think about where in your venue you might head if it’s a wet day. Also, talk to your photographer about wet weather photos and scour Pinterest as there are some amazing photo ideas for raining wedding days on there

Wear layers - if your wedding dress/suit or whatever you were planning on wearing is slightly more geared up to the better weather, think about layering up for the prospect of a chillier day. You can do sheer tights or hold up stockings under a wedding dress, beautiful scarves or wraps to keep your shoulders warm, or of course a jacket. It doesn’t have to be “wedding” themed either, some dresses and styles warrant themselves really well to a denim or leather jacket for the ultimate wedding chic vibe

Protect your shoes - if there’s a chance of rain you might want to spray your shoes with protector so that they’ve got more chance of withstanding the elements

Or change up your shoes - if your wedding shoe style was perfect for summer time but not so much for the autumn and winter elements, use this as a chance to buy another pair. Have one pair as your outside shoes which are more appropriate to the weather and keep your summery ones as indoor only

Wedding Shoes

Add sparkle - the autumn and winter months are beautiful, but if you were expecting sunshine and brilliant blooms, the season change might appear slightly duller. Use sequins to bring some sparkle to elements of your day and tie in the season's colours to bring everything together

Change up your flowers - the bouquet and flowers you’ve already chosen might now be out of season when it comes to your new wedding date so do some research, on what flowers will be available when you tie the knot and have a look at ideas and colours which you’d like. Maybe add more foliage or a hint deep reds and oranges to bring in the autumn winter feel

Add warming touches - if you were prepared for a spring summer wedding, your guests would have been too, so keep them toasty by offering blankets for the evening to keep them warm

Photo - Phil Webb Photography

Use candles, sparklers & fairy lights - candles and fairy lights add warmth to any room and they’re cheap too. So if you’re stuck on how to switch up your centre pieces, candles will be your best friend and fairy lights can pretty much be strung up anywhere (even to decorate outside if you get some which are outdoor friendly). Sparklers are also great for a little bit of nighttime entertainment and you can get some gorgeous photos too

Set up a coat room - with your guests now having to bring coats and possibly umbrellas, ask you venue if you can have a room set up for guests to leave these items

Revamp your new date invites - if you want to show off your slightly changed theme before your wedding day. Add elements to your new stationary when you send out your revised date information

Winter drinks - you can drink anything at any time of the year, obviously, but if you want your welcome drink to hold a bit of the season too, opt for a winter pimms or a spiced wine. You can even get hot chocolates put onto the wedding breakfast menu along with teas and coffees

Au natural - in the autumn especially, let nature carry you along with beautiful coloured leaves and greenery. If your venue has these use them as photo backdrops and opportunities. It might not have been your initial plan, but autumn colours are beautiful

Warming food - if your venue is doing the catering, chances are they’ll have a new menu for the change of season, so take the chance to revisit your chosen courses and switch them up to match your new theme