Outdoor Wedding


Who to invite to your wedding can be one of the hardest decisions that you’ll make about the big day. So who should really make the cut and get an invite?



Immediate family - the best place to start

We’re talking your parents, grandparents, siblings, nieces, nephews, and then onto any aunts, uncles and cousins that you see regularly.

Distant family - these are the people that aren’t as close as immediate family but you still keep in touch with and they have a lot to do with yourself and your partner

It’s up to you both as to how far through the extended family you go. So, sit down and decided if great uncle George or second cousin Steve should be at the day. Of course, if you’re having parents of people, or other close family members of more distant family, you may want to invite the whole clan to avoid displeasing anyone. But, at the end of the day it’s your wedding, so do what’s right for you, your venue numbers and your budget.

Friends - those who are like family, just not officially

Your nearest and dearest friends will of course make the cut, some may even already be in your wedding party, so choose your besties first. Then go down to those who you speak to regularly and see regularly. Don’t feel you need to invite an old friend from school to your wedding just because they invited you to theirs. You don’t know about their budget or numbers, or even if you were asked as an after thought to fill up a table. Make the decision on who you really want to be there for the day and see you tie the knot. And if you’re not 100% sure, pop them on the evening guest list and come back to it later.

Those you work with - those you see most days

Whether or not you invite the people you work with is completely up to you. Decide on whether you see them out of work. If you don’t, then they probably wouldn’t be expecting an invite anyway. If you have some closer work colleagues who you consider true friends, but who don’t really fit in with the day as they won’t know any other people, why not invite them to the evening do so they get to celebrate with you later? That way you'll still be able to discuss the wedding at work without feeling awkward.

The Plus One - so guests can bring someone they know

If you’re choosing plus ones, you may end up with people you don’t really know at your wedding, and of course, paying for them. If your friend has a partner you’ve known for a while and get on with, then chances are they’d be invited anyway. Don’t be afraid to say no to those you’re not really in a connection with. Just make sure if you are inviting someone who potentially would think of bringing a plus one, that it's very clear that plus ones are not a thing, so they know to come alone. If you feel really guilty about it, you could offer that a plus one could come along for the evening do (if you have the spare headcount).

Family Friends - you know them, but you’d be inviting them more for your family, not yourselves

Every family has them, the ones you call aunt and uncle but really they have no relationship to you what so ever. Speak to your parents about if they think you should definitely be inviting someone. If your parents are paying for the wedding, it might be a nice idea to include some of their friends, which you know, so they have some companionship on the day too. But, if you’re splashing your own cash, don’t let them be the boss. They’ll understand you’re on a tight budget and tight on numbers.

Children - the littlest people in your life

Some people opt for a child free wedding, or choose to only have children of immediate family. Making the decision to not have children at you wedding can be stressful - will those with children be able to come if they’re having to find baby sitters for the day/evening? Will it make it difficult for some of you family/friends if they can’t bring children along? It’s all something to consider. But at the end of the day, it’s your decision and if they’re as close to you as you think they are, they’ll come along and have a great time, leaving their children at home.


Don’t Forget - The married couple count as guest numbers too, so don’t leave yourselves off the list when it comes to your final figure!