Getting people to sign a guest book can be hard work, especially if you’re not going to be walking around with it!

This guest book idea is easy, just buy some packs plain wooden blocks and get people to write a message on the block then pop it into a bowl. You can use a glass fishbowl or something similar to makes this a brilliant centre piece at the wedding and after.  You could also place on top of a mirror plate and display the blank ones in something like a white reed basket.  

Create signage so that people know what to do when they arrive at your guest book table with phrases such as “Build Memories - Sign A Piece Of Jenga” and a few short instructions on how the guest book works.

This is great for all guests, even the youngest children. It made writing a well wish more fun, which guests are sure to get on board with. 

And the best bit? You can relive all the great wedding well wishes and memories whenever you want to at home with a great game of Jenga.

Want to give a block guest book a go?

Here are the things you’ll need to re-create this:

Packs of blocks (get enough blocks for one per guest)

A glass fish bowl 

Mirror Plate

Some thin black markers

Your DIY signs

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