Outdoor Wedding


When you’re planning your big day, the date is probably the most crucial thing to get right. It’ll end up being the decider of who can attend, who can’t attend and the price!

But with so many Saturday weddings, and Fridays becoming increasingly popular, how about getting married over a Bank Holiday? With a lot of people receiving Bank Holiday Mondays off of work, could this be the best time to tie the knot?

We’ve come up with a few pros and cons to help you decide…


An extra day off work for you and guests (hopefully)

A possible better attendance from guests who need to travel, as they will be able to make more of a mini break out of it and spend more time with you

You get a whole weekend… and then some to celebrate, and to recover 

If marrying on the Sunday during a Bank Holiday weekend you will have that little bit of extra time to prepare the day before without taking time off

Suppliers aren’t usually any more expensive 


If getting married at a hotel, or needing to use hotel accommodation, you may get charged more for rooms that a usual rate, especially on a Sunday

Travel for guests might be disrupted, especially if also during a school holiday break as this is when public transport works and often road works take place

People may already have booked to go away

It may prove an extremely popular date with others having the same idea, meaning suppliers may get booked up even quicker than usual

It may be more expensive for any guests coming from abroad, especially if choosing a Christmas or August bank holiday

We personally think it's a great idea! Just make sure you give people enough notice so if they are travelling they can find the best deals, and so you can catch people before they make other plans. Don't be afraid to tell your nearest and dearest of the date before sending out any Save The Dates too.